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Nerd patrol (Satu, Doc and Nauro) are playing a bunch of games!
In ultimate chicken horse you can vote on the items in our box! Please do it too! Join ussssss!!

Its the day before my birthday so come have some fun with us! Tomorrow will be public game day!


Come watch us!!! Its been fun but turn down your volume tho!! We are LOUD
Edit 2: LAST TIME I SWEAR!! If I haven't replied yet don't fret! I'm just being terrible at replying rn but I will reply soon!
Edit: Still open for this, I'll reply soon! If I haven't replied don't take it as a no just yet!

So its very late I'll fix this journal later if I mess up stuff lol!

But my main aim is to find collab partners, and do collabmissions if they sell art too! My best friend is my main collab partner and will always take priority.

What I'm looking for

Someone who is willing to do anything on the piece. If you just want to color, I'm not interested I'm sorry. Be willing to sketch, ink, flats, shade ect!
Being able to do backgrounds is not a must but if you can we can always do bigger pieces where I work on the character and someone works on the bg!
Professional and a good track record
Willing to communicate with each other

I'm sure there are is more but I'm to tired to think about it haha!

Trades will be done in my downtime, but I will finish my half! I would like to see at least a sketch before finishing my half. Meaning I'll show you a sketch of your trade too so you know its being worked on
No limits here really, just whatever strikes my fancy!

Mutuals are more likely to be chosen for both, please don't be upset if I don't decide to take you on as a collab partner or do a trade with you! Just keep an eye out for these journals and sometime I might!
I feel like this journal is weird but tosses it in sideways
I’m taking some small comms I call teenies like the ones above! I am open to drawing anthros, quads, humans, ponies and other types of critters and monsters! Couples are welcome too for $20!

Wings, detailed markings, extra limbs, armor ext will be an added fee
You will get the larger file and the small upload file!

Please comment, note or email me at nauroarts[at] if you are interested! 

At the end of this month I want to go see my best friend for their birthday! Everything is figured out its just me getting a rental car to go see them! And with your guys help I can do that!

All commissions are open! Whats not included on my list is mini's! They are good for 100x100 icons, or even journal/page dolls!! I'm having a sale for them for $15! You get a 600 x 600 high res file for personal use. And smaller sizes that you'd like! I'll link examples below!

Comment to claim or send me a note! I'll be sending invoices through paypal, I accept google wallet and sqaure cash too!

Mini example:……… (newest example!!)
$10 off YCH's:…
As the title says, I'm trading some art for a core membership! Since its buy one get one free its a good deal!

Not sure why they don't have year ones this year BUT that's ok. I'll break down the prices below! Let me know if anyone is up for this! Mind you these will 99.9% not be done before the holidays are over. And will most likely be started next year! But they will be done, just wanted to note that!

What you will get

$5 - Pixel icon, can have some animations!
$15 - Colored sketch Chibi

Its not limited to just these! If you got more than one it adds together for a bigger amount. Not that I expect that but ye, let me know if anyone is interested in this!!
Inking an OVW comm still! Keep me company

Taking in stream icons too! To pay off a vet bill!
Just ask in stream, change your name when you come in!

Pixel $5 USD (I'm rusty with these fyi(
Flat color $15 USD (normally $20)
Shaded $20 (normally $25)
Taking in stream comms like icons and stuff just ask about prices when you hop in!

I rarely share here so keep me company I'm inking some OVW comm thumbs up
So I'm a goof and forgot to post this! We could use some help! Getting low on funds to buy food and pay bills so any help would be amazing! Don't want a commission? There is a buy me a coffee button on my front page instead!

Hello all! I'm hosting a sale! For the next 4 days I'll be offering 15% off of $25 dollars or more! This excludes references and soft shaded items! Almost everything should be finish by Christmas!

An added bonus I'll be offering mini's for $15! These are normally $25-$30 each so almost half off!! They may have one layer of shading. But it will be full body, feral works best but I can do anthro! They can be resized for icon use as well if you'd like. Props, wings, complex markings, armor, ect will be an added fee. Please remember size restraints when ordering… 

Minis Wolfblaze by NauroK
Ice Queen by NauroK…

Please read my ToS before claiming. I hope you all have a good and safe day!!


1. Razz

Comment to claim, note or email me at!
What are you guys doing tonight? I meant to spoopy stream but idk if I will should I? You can listen to me scream, if I don't do it tonight I WILL be doing it this week! I'm ready (not really)

I'm not gonna be doing but really maybe some OVW and art!

Take care and be mindful if you are going out!
Leave me a ref and I may or may not draw some of them, no promises but we'll see!
I'll have to share Spectrolite with you all sometime she's gotten a revamp

This is for watchers only, sorry! You can watch me and share your gemsona but I won't be drawing them. As I rarely do this, don't watch me just for free art.
Reference images are a must too. This means any picture that shows them clearly. Like I said there is noooo promise I will draw any, but lets do a little show and tell at least it'll be fun! 
Yaaay I finally caught up with all the submissions I needed to upload! Less will be pouring out now til I get through my current que. But I have some fun and exciting things coming soon~
But it feels nice to catch up finally after all this time. Lets hope I can keep it that way lol!

In case I have multiple other places you guys can find me. I have an art only twitter @nauroarts too if you wanna just see art~

Art Blog ★ Twitter ★ Weaysl ★ Furaffinity ★ Picarto ★ Youtube

Twitter and Tumblr get first updates, then FA and dA, then Weasyl if you are interested in that
I have not drawn ferals in a long long time it feels like and I'd like to do some small sketches!

Example:  Wolfblaze by NauroK
(Note: something like this will start at $25 not 15!)

Wings and complex designs will be more as well shading can be added!

Comment to claim!
I'm not sure how many I'll be doing
Things are not looking great money wise so I'm opening up for some quick full body colored sketches! 
I'm in bit of a rush right now I'll answer when I get home sorry for the sloppy journal!

These will be done between bigger commissions and may not have an acceptance stage so please 
have all your info correct and ready!

$20 USD through paypal
Couples are $40 USD

Image size will be 1000 x 1000 or 1500 x1500. So on the smaller size but still great quality!
Similar style to this might be a bit messier…

I'm open for regualr commissions too!…


Please comment below, note or email me at  if you are interested!

I'm curious, like the title says. I have some pixel YCH ideas in mind i'd love to try out. And I want to see what people might pay for them. My pixel icons normally are about $5 usd or 550 :points: to start, and goes up from there. But input?

Remember 100 points = $1, its the conversion rate I use since I go through the commission stuff on dA. Art is my income and how I live 50 points, 5 points ect are barely anything. I understand if thats your limit but its pretty paltry for any artist. Please keep that in mind when you reply. Thank you!

Lets all respect each other, and keep it civil. 
I'm finally uploading here again! A lot of the current art is from 2015 but once caught up I'll be uploading more recent items!
I'm also very much open for commissions, I do accept points through the commission feature.

But if you want to see art sooner I post first on my tumblr and then go from there you can find most of my sites here!

Art Blog ★ Twitter| ★ Weaysl ★ Furaffinity ★ Picarto ★ Youtube

If you want more sites like petsites just ask I haven't been active on most of them. I also have a new art twitter too! You can find me at @nauroarts on tweeter!
But yup trying to be more active here! Feel free to ask questions, or whatever I like hearing from you all!
Or older whichever you want to say haha!

But yup my golden b-day today! So I'm gonna take today and the weekend off and do fun stuff I think! Like vidya games and personal art
Tho I wouldn't mind holding a sale ;> but we'll see on that!

Commissions will resume on Monday May 2nd!! Same with communication!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend! Maybe keep an eye out for game stuff, I might host some things if my net works with me!

Also thank you to those who have sent birthday wishes so far!! I haven't been able to reply yet but it means a ton!

I'm feeling pretty ok! So got a question you need to know or want to know? Ask away! I'm pretty open this time to answering almost anything. SO lets do this
You can also ask me on anon over at my tumblr! Go here for anon ask!

Last ask me

My question to you!

What would you like to see more of from me? 
I'm thinking about opening Patreon soon and want your thoughts, maybe even some fanart Fridays or fan Fridays where you choose what I draw!
Its been awhile, I just woke up and I think I answered everything last time. SO ask me things please! Can be art, life, ect I'm game for pretty much anything!!

My questions to you this time are;

Would you like me to do a video version of ask me stuff? Like I put a random game or speed draw in the background and answer your questions in a video.
And whats your favorite dessert? If you don't like dessert than whats your favorite food?

Want to ask me stuff more often? I have a hashtag on Twitter, just use #AskNauro and I'll reply hopefully weekly from there!
Or send me an ask on my personal tumblr (
Looking for some new servers to join during my days off/after work to play on. Doesn't really matter the size just want a nice place I can build/explore and not be griefed haha

I'd start my own but that will be down the line I think